The Indiana Teacher Appraisal and Support System (INTASS) project offers states, districts, and schools support in designing, implementing, and monitoring their teacher evaluation systems, training teacher evaluators, and supporting teachers to engage in evaluation and professional growth opportunities. From its inception, the INTASS project has reflected the understanding that evaluation laws in Indiana and other states present an opportunity for school systems to move beyond compliance and create evaluation systems that truly support teachers in their professional practice. The INTASS process rests on four basic elements of a quality evaluation plan: a) Clear, frequent, and transparent communication among a wide base of stakeholders; b) Professional practice measures that are mutually agreed upon by stakeholders; c) Multiple measures of student learning outcomes, and d) Fully aligned post-evaluation processes, including job-embedded professional growth and support for all educators. Over two dozen Indiana districts have employed the INTASS process in designing their response to meet and exceed the requirements of the state’s evaluation law.

The INTASS process has been endorsed by:

  • Indiana Department of Education
  • Indiana School Boards Association
  • Indiana Association of School Principals
  • Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents
  • Indiana State Teachers Association
  • American Federation of Teachers Indiana

Project Staff

Sandi Cole, Ed.D., Director of the Center on Education and Lifelong Learning (CELL) at IU Bloomington. Read more about Sandi here.

Jim Ansaldo, Ph.D., Research Associate and IC Teams Project Coordinator at CELL. Read more about Jim here.

Hardy Murphy, Ph.D., Research Scientist at CELL and the IUPUI School of Education. Read more about Hardy here.

James Robinson, M.S., B.S., Research Associate at CELL. Read more about James here.

INTASS Advisory Board

The INTASS Advisory Board provides feedback and review of INTASS projects, products, and research. The board is comprised of representatives of the Indiana School Board Association, Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents, Indiana Association of School Principals, Indiana State Board of Education, Indiana State Teachers Association, Indiana American Federation of Teachers, Higher Education, Indiana Department of Education, and Charter Schools.