Indiana's Teacher Evaluation System: A Four-Year Analysis

Free Download: The research findings presented in this report are part of an ongoing study of the implementation and impact of Educator Evaluation reform in the state of Indiana beginning with the passage of Senate Bill 1 in 2012. This legislation required research based rubrics for rating the effectiveness of teachers and the use of student learning as one aspect of the evaluation process. This report is one of a series of reports of research supported by grant funding from the Indiana State Board of Education and the Joyce Foundation.

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Increased Compensation: What's It Good For?

Free Download: This presentation from the 2012 Beyond Compliance conference explores the impact of increased compensation on teacher recruitment, retention, performance, and responsibility. While salary and benefits can make a difference, teacher support also includes professional growth and career opportunities, work-life balance structures, and recognition.

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New Directions in Teacher Evaluation in Indiana A White Paper

Free Download: One significant change in this new legislation is that requirements for the teacher evaluation process are no longer articulated at the federal level. Including teacher evaluation in the ESSA plan is left up to a state’s discretion. Indiana legislation currently requires annual evaluations for all certified employees. The state level policy that guides implementation of this legislation will continue to inform teacher evaluation in Indiana even as the initial implementation of the federal law gets underway. This discretion creates an opportunity for teacher evaluation to be included as a critical component of the state’s effort to improve schools, support teachers, and ensure highly effective teaching and learning experiences.

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Preparing Teachers for Evaluation

Do teachers feel supported and ready to engage in the evaluation process? Are they confident in their evaluators' knowledge and skills? Our evaluator training modules also support teachers to develop a deep understanding of practices that promote equitable, effective, and efficient teacher evaluation. Once they've completed the modules, teachers interested in further developing theirleadership skills for evaluation can participate in on-site technical support alongside their evaluators.

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So, You've Evaluated. Now What?

Free Download: This presentation from the 2012 Beyond Compliance conference explores principles for increasing teacher effectiveness. Teacher and principal certainty are presented as key variables in quality evaluation systems that increase teacher effectiveness.

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Teacher Leadership for Evaluation

Do teachers support each other in preparing for the evaluation process, gathering evidence, and planning for professional growth? Teachers who have developed their own readiness can take it to the next level by developing leadership skills for evaluation. We offer on-site practice and coaching that brings evaluators and teacher leaders together to develop and apply new skills. As evaluators pursue Level 2 certification, teachers work alongside them to enrich their own leadership skills.

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