The INTASS Consortium

The INTASS Consortium at Indiana University explicitly makes the connections between teacher evaluation plan design, implementation fidelity, culture and climate, teacher supports, and student outcomes. The INTASS consortium provides a forum for reviewing and discussing these concepts and provides technical assistance to participating districts to use the teacher evaluation process as a tool for improving teaching and learning.

The INTASS Consortium provides an opportunity for members to, through consensus speak with an organizational voice concerning the following:

  • Teacher evaluation policy and practices and the impact on their district
  • A research agenda on teacher evaluation in Indiana
  • The importance of online training and certification for Indiana evaluators

As a part of this network, Districts receive:

  • Facilitated sessions in Indianapolis with varied agendas that include topical sessions/workshops from INTASS districts and others
  • Facilitated networking sessions for INTASS districts to share regarding lessons learned on implementation plan development and plan changes and compensation approaches
  • Access to teacher evaluation resources, both within the INTASS network and outside the network
  • Access to current research and literature on the topic of teacher evaluation
  • Current updates from IDOE
  • Free online training for Level 1 Evaluator Certification through the 2014-15 pilot; reduced fee for training after the pilot
  • INTASS district certification

Contact us for information on membership in the INTASS consortium.